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Eisley had her 15 month check up. She’s perfect as usual! The only thing that is slightly low is her weight, if you could believe it! Her height is in the 90th percentile. But her weight has dropped to the 50th. It’s weird considering how many rolls she has and how she is incessantly asking for food. I was under the impression that she was eating TOO much! I guess we can start 24 hour feeding like she wants 😉 Eisley eats a lot but I guess the foods aren’t exactly fatty. She probably gets most of her fats from milk, fish, chicken and on the rare occasions when she eats a cookie or something. Most of what she likes to eat is veggies and EVERY FRUIT EVER MADE. Smoothies have become my newest vehicle to getting greens and other nutrients into her body. It’s been so hot that cooking a proper meal is out if the question. I’ve never lived without A/C before. It’s weird how many aspects of living it affects. So smoothies and cold turkey, that’s the Eisley diet! Although it’s not a great one for putting weight on!



I took a series of shots the other day, all of them blurry mind you, of Eisley stomping around the house gleefully squealing at her book. This isn’t an unusual thing for Miss Eisley to do, but today she had the delightfully hilarious addition of a ponytail. It was a hot day and I couldn’t resist from “throwing her hair up.” Hahaha I just have to giggle at that. When I was little my sister and I always called the “half-up half-down” look the PRINCESS. I still don’t know why we did that. We’re weird. Enjoy these adorable pictures of E sporting her pony. It really brings out her chins.




This is the first time Eisley has fallen asleep in her food.
The problem we are having lately is actually getting Eisley to eat anything with substantial nutritional value. Boy was it my mistake to buy those delicious Annie’s gummies! 😉
I’ve read some things online saying that other’s have found their babies all went through these short stages of hunger strike with their one’s and two’s. Most of the time it’s attributed to their teeth. It makes sense when I think about it, if my mouth was in terrible pain I wouldn’t really want to eat anything either. Eisley has never really been one for baby food (puréed, blended, etc..) so getting her a proper diet on daily basis has been a struggle. That’s is something I though I would never say about my little tank. Her normal self wants to eat ALL DAY. I have noticed her tooth poking through so maybe in the next few days she will be back on track.. Fingers crossed! 😉

It was a gloomy day yesterday without the chance of rain. Despite the preference of most San Diegans, I am most happy on gloomy days. And on the rare chance that we get some rainfall? —heaven. I must confess it is extremely hard to be somber when you’ve got a little nut like Eisley running around. Yesterday evening we took Eisley to La Jolla Cove for the first time. (I think her only other time would have been in my belly.)

This little Bear Cub takes after her mom in the fact that she is OBSESSED with animals. A great example is when we go to the dog park for Scout; Eisley is clobbered and kissed by every dog in site, much to her delight. The evening we spent strolling at the cove was dominated by Eisley squealing and chasing seagulls.

She almost seemed to want to observe them! My heart melted when she started to spread her arms wide and scream while running around with the vulturous birds.

Jojo and I laughed, and he commented on how the birds were bigger than she was.

Everyday with this incredible girl makes me feel so alive. It’s so humbling to see her discover everything for the first time and to be fascinated by the smallest of God’s creations. I want to be like Eisley and live a life full of wonder.



On May 6th, my husband’s family and ourselves went on our first vacation since being married almost three years ago. My heart skipped a few beats when I learned we would be going to Alaska. It has been my dream since I was a little girl to go to Alaska. It was a great time of the year to go too, since it was fairly warm for Alaska, seeing as my SoCal skin can no longer handle degrees below 60. Since we journeyed to Alaska by way of ship, we had to stay on the cruise line’s schedule. So, although I enjoyed my short time that was actually spent in Alaska, it was just that: Short. However, the amount of time that was spent on the ship felt endless. I couldn’t begin to count how much cake I ate while aboard, nor would I want to out of shame!
I was surprised by how well Eisley did aboard the ship. I myself do not tend to suffer from seasickness, but we had one EXTREMELY rough day at sea that sent me into fits of moaning while lying in the fetal position on the floor of our cabin. During my sick period, Eisley was just mucking about the cabin getting into her usual trouble, babbling sweetly to herself per usual. She is one tough kid. Eisley turned 11 months while we sailed about the southern end of Alaska. It’s so crazy that in her short life this far she has already been on 3 boats, 6 planes, 1 fire truck and 3 countries. Her life is beginning to be an awfully big adventure indeed.