This post is coming at you a little late in the week because Eisley and I have been visiting my family back in Utah. It’s been nice to have this week to just be with my mom rather than the typical drive-by visits. We never seem to have enough time to do anything, but without Jojo here there was no rush to get home to a gig. It’s not rainbows and butterflies without Jojo however. Not only is his presence as a father missed by Eisley, I’m missing him next to me at night and seeing his smile during the day. It doesn’t hurt to have the extra pair of eyes and hands to take care of Eisley either. As traveling usually does, this trip has messed with her sleep schedule causing her to be EXTRA moody. Thankfully, my mom is patient and kind with Eisley’s moods allowing me to have small breaks throughout the day. Traveling alone with a baby is not the greatest thing in the world but it is definitely doable.