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This is Eisley at the beginning stages of our family photo shoot that we had yesterday with the amazing Taylor Abeel. Taylor is such a talented photographer and a really awesome guy. We had a great time strutting around downtown San Diego with him snapping candids of the Hahn clan. One of my favorite things about the shoot was Taylor’s kindness and sensitivity to Eisley’s needs. He even made himself look silly a couple of times for Eisley’s benefit, which is pretty awesome coming from someone with such a distinguished portfolio. If you have an interest in seeing his work I suggest visiting his site and following him on social media. He is always taking crazy adventures with his lovely wife and documenting them in his captivating photography. You won’t be sorry.
Because we shot downtown, we wanted to keep with the urban feel of the area and therefore I wanted to for-go the typical white peasant dress I see most little girls in. The same goes for Jojo and myself. We dressed in clothes we typically wear whenever we hangout as a family… Okay, okay we dressed in stuff a little more appropriate than our skivvies.
I have to say that I was most excited for this shoot because we had never taken legitimate family photos before. We didn’t even hire a professional photographer for our wedding! (Which, looking back was a big oversight…why didn’t we know Taylor Abeel then??) I’m overjoyed that we will finally have pictures that can be printed instead of just posted to Instagram. I am scouting out some wall space for some big, ol’ canvas portraits! Woot!

It’s been six weeks since this little bear cub turned one. In six short weeks so many things have changed. We’ve come to a point of trying to communicate which is more frustrating than I imagined. Eisley has thrown more “unprovoked” tantrums this month than ever before. It’s funny to see her trying to use words and have conversations with us. It’s less funny to see her sad and confused as to why we have no idea what she wants/needs over half of the time. It’s nice to see her vocabulary growing from calling everything “dada” to saying; dog, mama, bah! (Which to her means either bottle or book. Whichever she is wanting at the time). She even says Hi and it is quite possibly the most adorable greeting you will ever have. Also a “latest” development with Eisley is her insane bouts of slam dancing and yelling.. I mean singing… If I can figure out how to post a video here I will. It’s worth the watch.
This weeks portrait was taken in a walk we had. And by walk I mean the stretch of sidewalk the runs from our front door to the street. She looked so darling in her designer tunic that my friend Paige gave her from her old kids clothing line. It was obviously too big for her but that made it more adorable. She looked so stunning I knew it was perfect for the weekly portrait.

Her pose is so sweet but just because we all know Eisley is a goofy one I’m posting a second picture I took with a hilarious confused face. It’s more in the style of Eisley ๐Ÿ˜‰


Eisley and I went on a picnic in Shelter Island today with some of our friends! It was such a beautiful day watching the sailboats and enjoying the company of loved ones.

It’s quite comical how much food Eisley is able to consume. It cranks everyone up! She eats like a vacuum cleaner.


It is really weird going down to the Point Loma area and being in areas I didn’t even know existed. We used to live in that neighborhood, for two years, and I have never heard of the Friendship Bell. We ate in front of it and had a gorgeous view of downtown San Diego and the open water. It makes me want to be more curious in discovering the areas I live in. You never know where you will find a hidden gem.



This post is already so sporadic in thought but I love how well Eisley is loved. It makes my heart so glad to see the joy she brings to other’s lives. I think it is so amazing that she is able to touch so many lives. God gave her such a uniquely radiant personality and she can’t help but make others smile.



Today Eisley and I were invited to go to the San Diego Zoo with our friend Janessa and her daughter Callie. She was so sweet to take us on her guest pass! We had a wonderful time looking at all the animals. Today was an especially perfect day at the zoo because most of the animals were close to the fence and extremely active! A lot of the different animals had babies too, so we were able to see some tiny orangutans and koalas!

Despite all the wonderful, exotic animals, Eisley found herself most happy when eating sticks she found on the ground. That is typical for her however ๐Ÿ˜‰

The zoo was also not overly busy for this season, so it made the experience much more leisurely than I was anticipating. That helped their moods greatly!


Janessa and I packed our lunches in small coolers to avoid the pricy restaurants and lines!
It made me glad to see my little Bear Cub become excited when she was close to the animals. She is in the process of learning her animals and sounds so it is nice for her to see them in the flesh!

Around one it was time for us to call it quits. Kids can only carry on for so long!
The craziest thing I learned today? Flamingos sleep like this!


It was a gloomy day yesterday without the chance of rain. Despite the preference of most San Diegans, I am most happy on gloomy days. And on the rare chance that we get some rainfall? โ€”heaven. I must confess it is extremely hard to be somber when you’ve got a little nut like Eisley running around. Yesterday evening we took Eisley to La Jolla Cove for the first time. (I think her only other time would have been in my belly.)

This little Bear Cub takes after her mom in the fact that she is OBSESSED with animals. A great example is when we go to the dog park for Scout; Eisley is clobbered and kissed by every dog in site, much to her delight. The evening we spent strolling at the cove was dominated by Eisley squealing and chasing seagulls.

She almost seemed to want to observe them! My heart melted when she started to spread her arms wide and scream while running around with the vulturous birds.

Jojo and I laughed, and he commented on how the birds were bigger than she was.

Everyday with this incredible girl makes me feel so alive. It’s so humbling to see her discover everything for the first time and to be fascinated by the smallest of God’s creations. I want to be like Eisley and live a life full of wonder.