Today Eisley and I were invited to go to the San Diego Zoo with our friend Janessa and her daughter Callie. She was so sweet to take us on her guest pass! We had a wonderful time looking at all the animals. Today was an especially perfect day at the zoo because most of the animals were close to the fence and extremely active! A lot of the different animals had babies too, so we were able to see some tiny orangutans and koalas!

Despite all the wonderful, exotic animals, Eisley found herself most happy when eating sticks she found on the ground. That is typical for her however 😉

The zoo was also not overly busy for this season, so it made the experience much more leisurely than I was anticipating. That helped their moods greatly!


Janessa and I packed our lunches in small coolers to avoid the pricy restaurants and lines!
It made me glad to see my little Bear Cub become excited when she was close to the animals. She is in the process of learning her animals and sounds so it is nice for her to see them in the flesh!

Around one it was time for us to call it quits. Kids can only carry on for so long!
The craziest thing I learned today? Flamingos sleep like this!