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This is a portrait of a little girl playing in her teepee. What’s that? You didn’t know she had a teepee? Why yes! We have done a lot of “rearranging” in the Hahn home. If I can ever get her room to look clean enough I will do an update-post on Eisley imaginarium.


As a lot of you know, early January my family moved into a new home. I am so excited about the move because my little rascal finally got her own room! Initially I wanted to do some trendy decor with muted colors but then I thought to myself, “is this Eisley’s room or mine?” I had to capitulate on the grey color scheme and welcome lots of color, which surprisingly included way more pink than I ever imagined. Let’s take a look!




I left the space by the window open because we are planning on making E a teepee to play in for her first birthday (which is coming so soon!) most of Eisley’s furniture came from IKEA and her paintings and dream cloud night lights were made by me. (Thank you Pinterest). Eisley’s personality is crazy, happy and wild so I think her room reflects that all while staying minimal and clean.
Here is a closer look at some of the fun patterns and materials used to bring her fun space together!



I hope you enjoyed a tour of Eisley’s wonderland and get some inspiration! Oh and in case you were wondering where I keep her clothes and diapers, they are tucked away nicely in her closet in a beautiful hand-painted dresser my Mama made us!