This post should have ideally been up on the 28th but I have had a CRAZY weekend. This picture of Eisley perfectly expresses the overwhelming exhaustion that swept over the Hahn family.
Our sweet friends Todd and Lindsay tied the knot on Saturday! It was a wonderful celebration! However, our involvement with makeup, setup and music, (not to mention some intense dance moves) made us feel completely hungover the following morning as we made our way to church.
So here is my attempt to “catch you up”.
Eisley had an ongoing diaper rash for… Several months. We tried everything under the sun that we knew of to make it go away, but sadly for our little one it was ever present and at times so bad that she would cry when changed. When I visited my mom last month her rash was completely gone the first day we were there and didn’t return until we got home a week later. We realized then that her diapers may be the cause. We normally buy target brand diapers, mostly because I am pleased with the fit as well as the affordable price. However, when visiting my mom, she stocked our room up with Huggies. So, we have changed her diapers over to babyganics. As the name suggests, they are organic diapers which aren’t all the pricy. Her rash is GONE by God’s grace! It’s so nice to change her diaper and see her little bum cheeks rather than blotchy, inflamed redness. I’m sure she appreciates the switch too! 😉