This is a picture of Eisley from yesterday, BEFORE she got sick 😦
Halfway into the day she started to get extremely whiney and as the night came, we discovered an extremely high fever was wrecking her little body. She doesn’t have any other signs of sickness and despite whatever side-of-the-fence you fall when I comes to “teething induced fevers”, she is getting some massive molars. She also has a large mouth sore from a nasty face-plant-into-a-pole she took not two days ago. Jojo read somewhere that that could have side effect of crankiness, drooling and fevers. I also had a meeting with my friend who disciples me and her daughter was under the weather. There is also a chance I carried a little bug back home with me. Whatever the cause, my poor little princess is not her crazy, cheerful self. *SIGH*.