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This post should have ideally been up on the 28th but I have had a CRAZY weekend. This picture of Eisley perfectly expresses the overwhelming exhaustion that swept over the Hahn family.
Our sweet friends Todd and Lindsay tied the knot on Saturday! It was a wonderful celebration! However, our involvement with makeup, setup and music, (not to mention some intense dance moves) made us feel completely hungover the following morning as we made our way to church.
So here is my attempt to “catch you up”.
Eisley had an ongoing diaper rash for… Several months. We tried everything under the sun that we knew of to make it go away, but sadly for our little one it was ever present and at times so bad that she would cry when changed. When I visited my mom last month her rash was completely gone the first day we were there and didn’t return until we got home a week later. We realized then that her diapers may be the cause. We normally buy target brand diapers, mostly because I am pleased with the fit as well as the affordable price. However, when visiting my mom, she stocked our room up with Huggies. So, we have changed her diapers over to babyganics. As the name suggests, they are organic diapers which aren’t all the pricy. Her rash is GONE by God’s grace! It’s so nice to change her diaper and see her little bum cheeks rather than blotchy, inflamed redness. I’m sure she appreciates the switch too! 😉

This is Eisley at the beginning stages of our family photo shoot that we had yesterday with the amazing Taylor Abeel. Taylor is such a talented photographer and a really awesome guy. We had a great time strutting around downtown San Diego with him snapping candids of the Hahn clan. One of my favorite things about the shoot was Taylor’s kindness and sensitivity to Eisley’s needs. He even made himself look silly a couple of times for Eisley’s benefit, which is pretty awesome coming from someone with such a distinguished portfolio. If you have an interest in seeing his work I suggest visiting his site and following him on social media. He is always taking crazy adventures with his lovely wife and documenting them in his captivating photography. You won’t be sorry.
Because we shot downtown, we wanted to keep with the urban feel of the area and therefore I wanted to for-go the typical white peasant dress I see most little girls in. The same goes for Jojo and myself. We dressed in clothes we typically wear whenever we hangout as a family… Okay, okay we dressed in stuff a little more appropriate than our skivvies.
I have to say that I was most excited for this shoot because we had never taken legitimate family photos before. We didn’t even hire a professional photographer for our wedding! (Which, looking back was a big oversight…why didn’t we know Taylor Abeel then??) I’m overjoyed that we will finally have pictures that can be printed instead of just posted to Instagram. I am scouting out some wall space for some big, ol’ canvas portraits! Woot!

Happy Independence Day! I hope everyone had a delightful day full of loved ones, fun and of course FREEDOM 😉 This was Eisley’s second 4th of July celebration, although they yielded a stark contrast to one another. Last year we spent the evening in a boozy, packed party in a chic home on the shores of La Jolla. This year Eisley fell asleep around 9:00 PM and we missed the opportunity to even see fireworks. The day was not spent in vain however. We were able to spend some quality time with our favorite South African girl Derralyn.

Derralyn and her husband James are like family to us which is great since all of their actual relatives still live on another continent. We’ve had the pleasure of spending most holidays with them over these past two years of friendship. Despite James’ absence for work purposes, our family was lucky enough to snag up the company of Dez (Derralyn’s nickname). We passed the day lounging on the crowded, sunny beach in O.B.

Eisley was mostly happy during our beach trip, especially while playing in the ocean with her daddy for the first time. It was hilarious to see the waves push her about and eventually swallow her whole. She seemed shocked by the experience at first, but soon her guileful smirk appeared and she charged into the water. It is my most sincere hope that she braves the oceans and finds a deep longing to be in it. It has been one of the main goals in my heart to help my child(ren) become fearless. Or at least, unhindered by the fears that have always held me back. At this age, to see her bravely trudge into the shallow waves that cover her head.. I am in awe.

Here is a sweaty selfie. We walked so much today I have a huge sunburn (which I never usually get) and blisters in the bottoms of my feet. Leather flip flops plus long city walks are not a good mix.
To end this post I would like to say that although I may not be the most patriotic of people, I am truly grateful to the men and women who give over their lives to protect us. I love my home. I thank God for the vast beauty this land has to offer. No matter where the journey of life may lead me, America the Beautiful will always be my home.

I have to do a food post because this treat is one of my all time favorites. The simplicity and deliciousness just further prove the awesomeness of God in His creation. That sounds pretty fantastic yes? This dessert which is incredibly flavorful has only one ingredient; Fruit! All you need is any form of peaches or nectarines. That’s what makes this dessert a great summer dish; both peaches and nectarines drop in price and have much more flavor during the summer months.

Pictured here is one yellow nectarine, 3 white donut peaches, and one red plum (just because I had it). On a cookie sheet that I sprayed with a little bit of non-stick, I baked these at 425 degrees for about 20 mins. PRESTO! The best dessert ever!!! I swear to you that one bite of baked fruit tastes just like pie except you didn’t eat all the crap that is added into those. I added a dollop of low-fat whipped cream and my family was in dessert heaven.

This dessert can also be done with berries!