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I took Eisley to the mall the other night out of boredom and a lack of plans. That pretty much guarantees we bought something. I decided to get her new pants because all of her old ones are too tight and she can’t bend in them. She is nearly 16 months and I ended up getting her size 2T. They don’t fit her yet, but I am able to make them work for the time being. It is nice to know that’s he won’t be outgrowing these pants any time soon. The other plus side is that I got them for $7 at The Children’s Place.




The lateness of this post is totally my own fault. I just simply forgot. It has been one of those weeks where I have been incredibly, yet oddly tired despite the lack of activities I have done. I think I have been able to spend an entire day on the couch and not finish any project or clean anything. It’s been a weird week.
This picture was taken on our way to park one afternoon. I took it mostly because of how incredibly obnoxious Eisley’s outfit is. I always wanted to be the mom that dressed her kid in trendy clothes, but alas this is a pretty typical look for E. Whatever fits, and whatever I don’t mind getting filthy. I’ve looked into getting her some trendier threads but the price is just too much for us right now. When I consider that she will only be in the clothes for a few short weeks I have to talk myself out of it. I did have a recent triumph of sorts when it comes to Eisley’s appearance however! I finally found some adorable hair bows that she will actually keep in her hair! It is a momentous thing for her to let me put anything in her hair. The best part is that no one confuses her for a boy anymore. The bows I got her come in packs of 2 for $1.80 at Forever 21. I imagine these are not necessarily meant for children but lets me real, there is no way in hell I would ever wear them.



Eisley had her 15 month check up. She’s perfect as usual! The only thing that is slightly low is her weight, if you could believe it! Her height is in the 90th percentile. But her weight has dropped to the 50th. It’s weird considering how many rolls she has and how she is incessantly asking for food. I was under the impression that she was eating TOO much! I guess we can start 24 hour feeding like she wants 😉 Eisley eats a lot but I guess the foods aren’t exactly fatty. She probably gets most of her fats from milk, fish, chicken and on the rare occasions when she eats a cookie or something. Most of what she likes to eat is veggies and EVERY FRUIT EVER MADE. Smoothies have become my newest vehicle to getting greens and other nutrients into her body. It’s been so hot that cooking a proper meal is out if the question. I’ve never lived without A/C before. It’s weird how many aspects of living it affects. So smoothies and cold turkey, that’s the Eisley diet! Although it’s not a great one for putting weight on!




It’s crazy how in love I’ve become with this little critter. Everything she is softens my heart and I learn so much about myself and about God. He is so brilliant and He makes such marvelous things. Every little curve and wrinkle on her reminds me of that.


This is a picture of Eisley from yesterday, BEFORE she got sick 😦
Halfway into the day she started to get extremely whiney and as the night came, we discovered an extremely high fever was wrecking her little body. She doesn’t have any other signs of sickness and despite whatever side-of-the-fence you fall when I comes to “teething induced fevers”, she is getting some massive molars. She also has a large mouth sore from a nasty face-plant-into-a-pole she took not two days ago. Jojo read somewhere that that could have side effect of crankiness, drooling and fevers. I also had a meeting with my friend who disciples me and her daughter was under the weather. There is also a chance I carried a little bug back home with me. Whatever the cause, my poor little princess is not her crazy, cheerful self. *SIGH*.

This post should have ideally been up on the 28th but I have had a CRAZY weekend. This picture of Eisley perfectly expresses the overwhelming exhaustion that swept over the Hahn family.
Our sweet friends Todd and Lindsay tied the knot on Saturday! It was a wonderful celebration! However, our involvement with makeup, setup and music, (not to mention some intense dance moves) made us feel completely hungover the following morning as we made our way to church.
So here is my attempt to “catch you up”.
Eisley had an ongoing diaper rash for… Several months. We tried everything under the sun that we knew of to make it go away, but sadly for our little one it was ever present and at times so bad that she would cry when changed. When I visited my mom last month her rash was completely gone the first day we were there and didn’t return until we got home a week later. We realized then that her diapers may be the cause. We normally buy target brand diapers, mostly because I am pleased with the fit as well as the affordable price. However, when visiting my mom, she stocked our room up with Huggies. So, we have changed her diapers over to babyganics. As the name suggests, they are organic diapers which aren’t all the pricy. Her rash is GONE by God’s grace! It’s so nice to change her diaper and see her little bum cheeks rather than blotchy, inflamed redness. I’m sure she appreciates the switch too! 😉

This is a portrait of a little girl playing in her teepee. What’s that? You didn’t know she had a teepee? Why yes! We have done a lot of “rearranging” in the Hahn home. If I can ever get her room to look clean enough I will do an update-post on Eisley imaginarium.

It’s been a whirlwind of growth in my house for all of us, but especially Eisley. It feels as if almost overnight she suddenly started doing things she was never able to do before. I feel like she comprehends a great deal more than she ever did, and I often find myself giving commands or asking for things and she actually understands me. I knew, obviously, that this is the way life works: we are presented with new information and ideas over and over until they are ingrained into our brains and then we take action. I guess the shocker comes from the fast pace in which children are capable of retaining information. It feels like yesterday that she was a still ball of pink skin that slept and ate. Now I can’t keep her from trying to steal my iPhone or from running wild in the back yard. That is what my portrait is of for the week, Eisley’s aftermath of her daily backyard adventures. I don’t even know what she does back there, but I know that it is the only place she is happy on long afternoons. In this picture I am comforting her after her first battle scar from falling up.. yes up, the stairs.

This post is coming at you a little late in the week because Eisley and I have been visiting my family back in Utah. It’s been nice to have this week to just be with my mom rather than the typical drive-by visits. We never seem to have enough time to do anything, but without Jojo here there was no rush to get home to a gig. It’s not rainbows and butterflies without Jojo however. Not only is his presence as a father missed by Eisley, I’m missing him next to me at night and seeing his smile during the day. It doesn’t hurt to have the extra pair of eyes and hands to take care of Eisley either. As traveling usually does, this trip has messed with her sleep schedule causing her to be EXTRA moody. Thankfully, my mom is patient and kind with Eisley’s moods allowing me to have small breaks throughout the day. Traveling alone with a baby is not the greatest thing in the world but it is definitely doable.


I took a series of shots the other day, all of them blurry mind you, of Eisley stomping around the house gleefully squealing at her book. This isn’t an unusual thing for Miss Eisley to do, but today she had the delightfully hilarious addition of a ponytail. It was a hot day and I couldn’t resist from “throwing her hair up.” Hahaha I just have to giggle at that. When I was little my sister and I always called the “half-up half-down” look the PRINCESS. I still don’t know why we did that. We’re weird. Enjoy these adorable pictures of E sporting her pony. It really brings out her chins.