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I’ve consistently been able to wear tank tops on the winter time since living in San Diego. It is weird to think that will be changing soon. Although the houses in Washington have heaters unlike the houses here so that is a bonus. It can be a brilliantly, sunny day and out house is still like a crypt. I shouldn’t be able to see my breath inside my own home.






“Little seed we sowed in the newly tilled ground, your beauty is beyond my belief somehow. And when we first saw you our eyes swelled like a winter’s tide, as you slowly drift to sleep with every breath fall and rise: you hypnotize.”
For The Greatest Little Soul I Know.

We have been out of town for the last week visiting our families and having an early Christmas! Eisley was showered with some sweet loot, but you will have to wait to see the goods until they are unpacked! We have had quite a bit of good news considering we were approved for our new home in Washington and Eisley’s 18 month check up proved to fall in line with her perfect track record. Plus, you can never go wrong when surrounded by all of your loved ones to share a special season.









It is weird to move during a holiday. Not weird, sad. It seemed pointless to drag all of our Christmas decorations out, only to have to put them back in immediately following the big day. The silver-lining is that Eisley is still too young to know what she is missing out on. We are still doing a Christmas dinner at my Mama’s with my siblings and such and we have tried to do Christmas activities with her as well, so I can’t complain! We are blessed! These photos are of Eisley’s very first gingerbread house! She’s pretty good at it 😉






If you live in San Diego then you know how incredible the annual December Nights Festival is. Located in the jewel of San Diego, Balboa Park, each December Nights Festival includes thousands of vendors, world-class entertainment acts and all the Christmas spirit you could hope for! It’s hard to get into the Christmas spirit when you live in a land of perpetual sun so it is wonderful to have a celebration (with practically every resident in San Diego) that makes the season truly feel merry and bright. Show choirs, plays, tree festivals, live nativity, performances by local musicians, tree-lighting ceremony and the best part: Food from practically every corner of the planet. The “House Of” national food booths help me remember that Christmas isn’t just for us but for everyone everywhere. If you ever find yourself in San Diego during the beginning of December then please go! You will NOT regret it 😉



These photos come from another Sunday Krakatoa Experience. I think it’s becoming a thing for us. I had coffee with an amazing woman who disciples me this morning. What I love most about my time with her is I always walk away loving my child more. Let’s face it; Kids are weirdos. And more often than not it’s easy to be overwhelmed, tired and stressed when you have to stay home with them on a daily basis. Today we discussed how in the good and terrifying moments of motherhood we should verbally thank God for those moments. When you acknowledge it from a place of gratitude, even if you don’t feel like it, you train your heart to cherish things that would otherwise become lost. So in the moments of tantrums or when I just want to go to the bathroom alone, I will thank God that my daughter desires to be with me. I know my heart will not always echo my voice in saying, “thank you God that Eisley is a mama’s girl.” But it will train my heart to capture those fleeting times. When she is older she may not be a mama’s girl and I know I will regret the times I just wished she would go away. I never want
to forget how honored I am to be this little fireball’s mommy. What can you be thankful for today?



Last Sunday Eisley and I had to get up extra early to take Jojo to church, since he was on the worship team that day. We had breakfast “out” since I was much too tired to whip something up for us. We were, to our delight, the only patrons at Krakatoa in South Park that morning. Eisley and I got the whole couch to ourselves as well as the communal Mr. Potato Head. (Ugh.)


No this is not what she ate for breakfast.

I’m not sure why 25 seems like a big deal to me. It’s a number that has been engrained into my brain since childhood after John Mayer decided to publicize the “quater-life crisis”. But considering this is close to half-way for the year-long portraits, let’s celebrate!

This photo isn’t exactly current. This was taken the night before we boarded a plane to Washington. We traveled there to visit what we hoped would be out new home, and you know what? IT IS! Jojo was offered a worship leader position at an amazing church. So now we are packing away our board shorts and flip flops and busting out our parkas and boots for the newest Hahn adventure. We move REALLY soon, the first week of January to be exact, so keep us in your prayers!

Also, sorry for the blurriness of these photos. The low lighting is harsh on the iPhone. 😉

So with the holidays and the madness of our recent travels, I’m not even going to apologize for being late on this post.

I actually had a lot of wonderful pics to choose from for this week’s portrait but I went with this amazing shot by our good friend Christian. He took this at church while Eisley was vigorously playing with my tassel purse. She seems to light up everyone’s life she comes in contact with. It’s such a joy to watch her grow and learn. It feels frustrating a lot of the time but then suddenly it’s as if a light switch was turned on in her head and she gets it! My favorite times with Eisley are right before she goes to sleep. I cherish these moments because she climbs into her bed with a smile on her face and I sing some songs to her. She always claps, and then she holds my hands as we say a prayer together. Her favorite part is shouting, “MEN!” at the end. She kisses my hands as we pray too. It’s heart-melting. I ask her for a “nite nite kiss” and she gives me a huge kiss and then turns over. It’s so hard leaving her room at night.

We are sitting in LAX for a three hour layover which seems silly considering we live two hours away. Such is life sometimes, waiting for things that appear useless. I wouldn’t be too quick to discredit those “waiting” periods as I’ve found those are times God likes to whisper nice things to me 🙂
We are coming home from our trip to Washington, which was enchanting and heartbreaking to leave behind. But in another blog post I will have to update you on our adventures that may lead us there soon!
So Eisley is making friends with everyone at our gate, shoving her coloring book on their laps and adorably demanding they color with her. She is so friendly and has a gift for creating smiles. I hope she stays this way always.