This is the last photo taken of Eisley in San Diego. I thought I would feel more sad as we flew away from her birth place, but I didn’t. I miss it now, but I don’t feel sad. This new place is perfect for us in this season. It is exhilarating to start new, see potential for growth and to follow whatever path God wants to lead us down. Eisley is happy as ever and loving her new bedroom which is fully equipped with her plethora of Christmas loot. That little girl sure is loved. It was hard to be away from Jojo for a week. She asked for him a lot. She asked for Scout too haha! But, it was nice to have a quick flight over here and to spend some time with friends before we left. I may have even stopped by my beloved Pannikin one last time, much to Jojo’s dismay. Soon I will do a post with photos of our new place. Xo