Today was one of those hard days. You know where you drink too much champagne and you still can’t get out of saying more goodbyes? I don’t really like goodbyes. They feel so final. Although with a lot of goodbyes you know that won’t actually be the end, others are of a more permanent nature. You get that melancholy feeling that you should have spent more nights together and made more lasting memories. And you never truly know how much they’ve meant to you until seeing their face around town is no longer an option. Today we said goodbye to many friends. We said our last “cheers” and ate together for what we will know the last in a long time. I even had a long phone conversation with my best friend since freshmen year, someone I never intend to say goodbye to, but find that time and space say the goodbyes for us. My daughter saw her friend Callie tonight and it reminded me of beginnings and hellos. Those are hopeful and fun and always welcome. I can’t wait for more hellos with this coming year.