These photos come from another Sunday Krakatoa Experience. I think it’s becoming a thing for us. I had coffee with an amazing woman who disciples me this morning. What I love most about my time with her is I always walk away loving my child more. Let’s face it; Kids are weirdos. And more often than not it’s easy to be overwhelmed, tired and stressed when you have to stay home with them on a daily basis. Today we discussed how in the good and terrifying moments of motherhood we should verbally thank God for those moments. When you acknowledge it from a place of gratitude, even if you don’t feel like it, you train your heart to cherish things that would otherwise become lost. So in the moments of tantrums or when I just want to go to the bathroom alone, I will thank God that my daughter desires to be with me. I know my heart will not always echo my voice in saying, “thank you God that Eisley is a mama’s girl.” But it will train my heart to capture those fleeting times. When she is older she may not be a mama’s girl and I know I will regret the times I just wished she would go away. I never want
to forget how honored I am to be this little fireball’s mommy. What can you be thankful for today?