I’m not sure why 25 seems like a big deal to me. It’s a number that has been engrained into my brain since childhood after John Mayer decided to publicize the “quater-life crisis”. But considering this is close to half-way for the year-long portraits, let’s celebrate!

This photo isn’t exactly current. This was taken the night before we boarded a plane to Washington. We traveled there to visit what we hoped would be out new home, and you know what? IT IS! Jojo was offered a worship leader position at an amazing church. So now we are packing away our board shorts and flip flops and busting out our parkas and boots for the newest Hahn adventure. We move REALLY soon, the first week of January to be exact, so keep us in your prayers!

Also, sorry for the blurriness of these photos. The low lighting is harsh on the iPhone. 😉