So with the holidays and the madness of our recent travels, I’m not even going to apologize for being late on this post.

I actually had a lot of wonderful pics to choose from for this week’s portrait but I went with this amazing shot by our good friend Christian. He took this at church while Eisley was vigorously playing with my tassel purse. She seems to light up everyone’s life she comes in contact with. It’s such a joy to watch her grow and learn. It feels frustrating a lot of the time but then suddenly it’s as if a light switch was turned on in her head and she gets it! My favorite times with Eisley are right before she goes to sleep. I cherish these moments because she climbs into her bed with a smile on her face and I sing some songs to her. She always claps, and then she holds my hands as we say a prayer together. Her favorite part is shouting, “MEN!” at the end. She kisses my hands as we pray too. It’s heart-melting. I ask her for a “nite nite kiss” and she gives me a huge kiss and then turns over. It’s so hard leaving her room at night.