I can’t remember if I wrote about the Mom’s group I go to every week. It’s a wonderful, small group of young mom’s that come together weekly to learn what God says about parenting. It’s been really amazing for me. It is great to have a support in an area that most people feel lost in. This group isn’t like asking a friend or your own parents what they did. It challenges us to learn from mistakes early and be vulnerable with other women who are dealing with the same things at the same time. I am shock by home much take-away I get from this group. I always feel refreshed and determined afterwards and I never feel ashamed or like I’m lesser of a mom just because we all have different parenting styles. No one is cooler or better there. It is just mom’s who really want to do right by God and their child. Plus, a lot of the women make great scones or croissants, so… There’s that.

Eisley and Gunnar, taken at Mom’s group Tuesday.