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We are sitting in LAX for a three hour layover which seems silly considering we live two hours away. Such is life sometimes, waiting for things that appear useless. I wouldn’t be too quick to discredit those “waiting” periods as I’ve found those are times God likes to whisper nice things to me 🙂
We are coming home from our trip to Washington, which was enchanting and heartbreaking to leave behind. But in another blog post I will have to update you on our adventures that may lead us there soon!
So Eisley is making friends with everyone at our gate, shoving her coloring book on their laps and adorably demanding they color with her. She is so friendly and has a gift for creating smiles. I hope she stays this way always.





I can’t remember if I wrote about the Mom’s group I go to every week. It’s a wonderful, small group of young mom’s that come together weekly to learn what God says about parenting. It’s been really amazing for me. It is great to have a support in an area that most people feel lost in. This group isn’t like asking a friend or your own parents what they did. It challenges us to learn from mistakes early and be vulnerable with other women who are dealing with the same things at the same time. I am shock by home much take-away I get from this group. I always feel refreshed and determined afterwards and I never feel ashamed or like I’m lesser of a mom just because we all have different parenting styles. No one is cooler or better there. It is just mom’s who really want to do right by God and their child. Plus, a lot of the women make great scones or croissants, so… There’s that.

Eisley and Gunnar, taken at Mom’s group Tuesday.

This week’s portrait is coming to you from the floor of Sea-Tac international airport. We are waiting for our friend Paul to pick us up. This picture was taken a few days ago at the dog park we frequent. Eisley doesn’t look like she was having a good day. It could be the sniffles that have been circulating around our home this last week, but I don’t remember.


It’s cool to see how many signs Eisley knows now. She’s able to ask for MOSTLY everything she wants. Sometimes I surprised by how many signs she has caught on to. Her verbal vocabulary is not quite as extensive right now and she often trades a verbal word for a signed one which is frustrating to me. I don’t really know what the time frames for babies milestones are but she’s been babbling for a long time, so I guess I figured she would talk sooner. We’ll just have to wait and see!



Eisley came up to me with this hair tie and asked me to do her hair. Hilarious and unusual for her since she normally hates anything on her head. She looked so adorable I had to snap some poses 😉


(Side note: she pointed at her pic while I posted this singing; Eyezeee!!)


I tried to take a selfie with Eisley before we left for the dog park but she was too involved with her apple to try.

Jojo had the whole day off today! SO, we took a family adventure to Scripps Birch Aquarium. Eisley is getting really good at sign language and she especially loves to sign the animals from the classic kids book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear..” When she signs “fish” it always cracks me up because she uses her whole body! I decided to show her pictures of what all the animals in her book look like in real life! She got a kick out of that and since the zoo is a whole day commitment, we decided to focus on real life fish today. At first she seemed confused, but we kept signing “fish” to her and then it clicked! She was all smiles while looking at all the different types of fishes!











Don’t be deceived by the title. That was just a play on words for the 22nd post. This week I feel so far from 22 it’s pathetic. I’m sick and when you’re a mom, you know that means you’re sick while still doing everything you normally do.

I specifically love this picture of E because despite her being under-the-weather as well, she never ceases to spread sunshine.

(Ps. This post was originally written in a timely manner but I got tired and forgot to submit the post until now.)