This weekend we dyed our couch! From previous posts you might have noticed our couch was a bright rocket red. Here is Eisley modeling the old color.

We bought a black dye knowing it would most likey make a brown or a purple.

It wasn’t all that difficult and the results were fantastic! It came out to be a deep plum color. I am in love with it. Plus it hides the stains Eisley makes way better than the bright red did(nt.)


(In case you were wondering, our couch is the Klippin from Ikea. Sometimes if you wash your slip cover it can get wrinkly so I just take my iron to it after I fit it back to the couch. The dye we used was Rit Black. We used 5 boxes with 9 gallons of water and one cup of salt. We soaked it in the dye for 30 mins agitating constantly. It cost a lot less than the price of a new slip cover.)