Eisley had her 15 month check up. She’s perfect as usual! The only thing that is slightly low is her weight, if you could believe it! Her height is in the 90th percentile. But her weight has dropped to the 50th. It’s weird considering how many rolls she has and how she is incessantly asking for food. I was under the impression that she was eating TOO much! I guess we can start 24 hour feeding like she wants 😉 Eisley eats a lot but I guess the foods aren’t exactly fatty. She probably gets most of her fats from milk, fish, chicken and on the rare occasions when she eats a cookie or something. Most of what she likes to eat is veggies and EVERY FRUIT EVER MADE. Smoothies have become my newest vehicle to getting greens and other nutrients into her body. It’s been so hot that cooking a proper meal is out if the question. I’ve never lived without A/C before. It’s weird how many aspects of living it affects. So smoothies and cold turkey, that’s the Eisley diet! Although it’s not a great one for putting weight on!