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Eisley was recently invited by her friend Veda to join a Book Exchange! It’s pretty cool because, if done right, your babe ends up getting 36 books for the price of one! It’s hard to explain but basically you buy a book for another kid and you send out a certain amount of letters to your other friends and you get books back because it turns into a big chain. It sounds weird without seeing the instructions. Anyhow, Eisley got her first book today! It was so exciting for her to have her very own mail!





Recently I was invited to be a part of a 4-week, mom bible study. The idea behind it is to read what the bible has to say about motherhood. Today was the first gathering. I am so happy that I was asked to be a part of this study. Through reading the word and hearing these other mom’s speak, I came home feeling enriched and energized to love my family well and be the mother that God has called me to be. It’s hard sometimes as a mom to find a motivation to go beyond what is “doable”. It is so easy to feel drained or overwhelmed with the day-to-day “mediocrities” of “just being a mom.” Even after just one meeting with this small group of moms, I already feel so much more empowered and important in my role as a mother. It is such an honor to have this position of influence over my daughter’s life.My heart’s desire is for my daughter to not just see, but know for a fact that her mom is woman of God. A mother who puts Jesus first, who walks with grace and patience and strength. A woman who honors her husband and her home. A woman who is filled with dreams and desire for adventure and isn’t afraid to chase those dreams. My goal this week is to set a standard in my home. The standard that God and each other come first, not social media and procrastination. I have learned that I cannot give my family what I myself am lacking. I know to be a good parent I need to spend time with my maker and let him parent me as well.
Something that really spoke to me from the study today was Psalms 127:3-5 “Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them..”
It is so amazing to me, the desire that your kids should go further than you will go. I am excited to be one of the people who get to help launch Eisley into her destiny.

This picture is an oldie but a goodie 😉

The lateness of this post is totally my own fault. I just simply forgot. It has been one of those weeks where I have been incredibly, yet oddly tired despite the lack of activities I have done. I think I have been able to spend an entire day on the couch and not finish any project or clean anything. It’s been a weird week.
This picture was taken on our way to park one afternoon. I took it mostly because of how incredibly obnoxious Eisley’s outfit is. I always wanted to be the mom that dressed her kid in trendy clothes, but alas this is a pretty typical look for E. Whatever fits, and whatever I don’t mind getting filthy. I’ve looked into getting her some trendier threads but the price is just too much for us right now. When I consider that she will only be in the clothes for a few short weeks I have to talk myself out of it. I did have a recent triumph of sorts when it comes to Eisley’s appearance however! I finally found some adorable hair bows that she will actually keep in her hair! It is a momentous thing for her to let me put anything in her hair. The best part is that no one confuses her for a boy anymore. The bows I got her come in packs of 2 for $1.80 at Forever 21. I imagine these are not necessarily meant for children but lets me real, there is no way in hell I would ever wear them.


La Jolla Pannikin is our most beloved coffee shop. I have been a loyal patron for almost 4 years. Naturally, wishing to bring our child up the right way, Eisley can be found frequenting the wooden bird playground that doubles for outdoor furniture. The older people that come always think she’s a boy, probably I because in their time people made a show out of girl babies. They most likely didn’t wear navy blue clothing and no bows in their hair. But she is loved there just the same. Everyone knows her there. They’ve watched her grow even when she was more the size of a food baby than actual baby. Sometimes it’s funny to mark time that way. To look at something; a person or place and try to remember how much of your life it has seen. The moments that impacted us, big or small, are all kept there in a stand-still of time.



Eisley had her 15 month check up. She’s perfect as usual! The only thing that is slightly low is her weight, if you could believe it! Her height is in the 90th percentile. But her weight has dropped to the 50th. It’s weird considering how many rolls she has and how she is incessantly asking for food. I was under the impression that she was eating TOO much! I guess we can start 24 hour feeding like she wants 😉 Eisley eats a lot but I guess the foods aren’t exactly fatty. She probably gets most of her fats from milk, fish, chicken and on the rare occasions when she eats a cookie or something. Most of what she likes to eat is veggies and EVERY FRUIT EVER MADE. Smoothies have become my newest vehicle to getting greens and other nutrients into her body. It’s been so hot that cooking a proper meal is out if the question. I’ve never lived without A/C before. It’s weird how many aspects of living it affects. So smoothies and cold turkey, that’s the Eisley diet! Although it’s not a great one for putting weight on!



We had this big map poster that hung in the wall above our couch. Eisley must have thought it was ugly because she constantly tried to rip it down. She successfully ripped a big chunk out of the bottom, so we took it down and used it as a giant coloring mat. It was really fun, especially when Jojo and I circled all the places we want to go together. Eisley took more of an interest in eating crayons as well as bringing in the hose from the back yard.






This. This is my world. If I told you how much value this moment has for me… It would take a lifetime. It’s funny how you never believe “them”. You never believe all things people tell you about what it is like to be a parent. In their defense, it isn’t easy to put this feeling into words. It isn’t easy to explain to the fullest how this little angel asleep next to me can bring me to tears simply by holding on to me as she sleeps. I can physically feel the love I have for her pulsing throughout my body. I can feel her trust in me as she softly snores. I was going to put her into her own bed but I can’t for fear of losing a single precious moment that she clings to me. This is what it means to be infinite. This is what is means to be temporary. Parenthood.

Oh boy, the energy of this child! After crawling into my bed, Eisley and I had a wonderful morning together. She sure knows how to start the day right. After drinking her bottle of milk she marched right over to her favorite hangout spot (in front of the book shelf where she can easily rip all the books from their place and practice climbing). Eisley immediately began practicing yoga, which is a self-learned discipline on her part! It cracks me up! Watching her pose and stretch is just too funny. After her poses she started doing these weird, leaping squats across the floor. It is pretty hilarious. I guess I should be grateful for a health conscious kid considering how often she wants to eat 😉






Some of the best moments are the ones right when Eisley wakes from a nap. The decisions she makes are quite odd, like today for instance when she decided it was important for her to immediately grab her sand pail. Right after carting it around (in various shoulder/wrist positions) she went for Scout’s bone and stared at it for a long time. She would set it on my desk stool and then pick it back up multiple times until she was satisfied then threw it in her bedroom and drank her milk. She’s a weirdo. I love it.





It’s crazy how in love I’ve become with this little critter. Everything she is softens my heart and I learn so much about myself and about God. He is so brilliant and He makes such marvelous things. Every little curve and wrinkle on her reminds me of that.