Eisley was invited to her first birthday party! It was for her good friend Veda who just turned one! The party was soooo adorable, decorated with mermaids in a vintage blue/green/purple scheme. There was delicious food, a bounce house and a pool! I know Eisley had a lot of fun even though we had to leave a little bit early for her nap. It is so fun for me to see her trying to communicate with other babies. It makes me feel really good when I see her trying really hard to treat others nicely. I don’t even know where she learned that since she isn’t around other little’s all that often.

One of my favorite parts about the part was the outfit the birthday girl, Veda was wearing. She was in an adorable handkerchief dress with a crocheted top and a handmade seashell flower crown her mom found on Etsy. She was stunning. Veda’s parents, my friends Jake and Shelby, really out-did themselves on this wonderful morning for their precious one.

This weeks photo is of Eisley getting ready to go celebrate Veda. Minus her pink Converse, this is the what she picked.. with my help of course. I think it perfectly captures her personality though. 😉