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This is a portrait of a little girl playing in her teepee. What’s that? You didn’t know she had a teepee? Why yes! We have done a lot of “rearranging” in the Hahn home. If I can ever get her room to look clean enough I will do an update-post on Eisley imaginarium.

It’s been a whirlwind of growth in my house for all of us, but especially Eisley. It feels as if almost overnight she suddenly started doing things she was never able to do before. I feel like she comprehends a great deal more than she ever did, and I often find myself giving commands or asking for things and she actually understands me. I knew, obviously, that this is the way life works: we are presented with new information and ideas over and over until they are ingrained into our brains and then we take action. I guess the shocker comes from the fast pace in which children are capable of retaining information. It feels like yesterday that she was a still ball of pink skin that slept and ate. Now I can’t keep her from trying to steal my iPhone or from running wild in the back yard. That is what my portrait is of for the week, Eisley’s aftermath of her daily backyard adventures. I don’t even know what she does back there, but I know that it is the only place she is happy on long afternoons. In this picture I am comforting her after her first battle scar from falling up.. yes up, the stairs.

Eisley and I took a trip, by ourselves, to my hometown of St. George, Utah. Traveling with a child is hard, but I was blessed tremendously by the incredible grace of God. Eisley was an ANGEL whenever we were traveling, be it a plane or car. That’s pretty new for her, since the only other times she has been on planes was when she was 2 months so it was easy, I fed her until she slept. At one year, she is a little harder to pacify during extended periods of being forced to sit still. I am so thankful that during the long trips to and from our loved ones, Eisley was very cooperative and helpful.
Below are some random pictures taken during our visit 🙂














This post is coming at you a little late in the week because Eisley and I have been visiting my family back in Utah. It’s been nice to have this week to just be with my mom rather than the typical drive-by visits. We never seem to have enough time to do anything, but without Jojo here there was no rush to get home to a gig. It’s not rainbows and butterflies without Jojo however. Not only is his presence as a father missed by Eisley, I’m missing him next to me at night and seeing his smile during the day. It doesn’t hurt to have the extra pair of eyes and hands to take care of Eisley either. As traveling usually does, this trip has messed with her sleep schedule causing her to be EXTRA moody. Thankfully, my mom is patient and kind with Eisley’s moods allowing me to have small breaks throughout the day. Traveling alone with a baby is not the greatest thing in the world but it is definitely doable.



Eisley was invited to her first birthday party! It was for her good friend Veda who just turned one! The party was soooo adorable, decorated with mermaids in a vintage blue/green/purple scheme. There was delicious food, a bounce house and a pool! I know Eisley had a lot of fun even though we had to leave a little bit early for her nap. It is so fun for me to see her trying to communicate with other babies. It makes me feel really good when I see her trying really hard to treat others nicely. I don’t even know where she learned that since she isn’t around other little’s all that often.

One of my favorite parts about the part was the outfit the birthday girl, Veda was wearing. She was in an adorable handkerchief dress with a crocheted top and a handmade seashell flower crown her mom found on Etsy. She was stunning. Veda’s parents, my friends Jake and Shelby, really out-did themselves on this wonderful morning for their precious one.

This weeks photo is of Eisley getting ready to go celebrate Veda. Minus her pink Converse, this is the what she picked.. with my help of course. I think it perfectly captures her personality though. 😉