This is the first time Eisley has fallen asleep in her food.
The problem we are having lately is actually getting Eisley to eat anything with substantial nutritional value. Boy was it my mistake to buy those delicious Annie’s gummies! 😉
I’ve read some things online saying that other’s have found their babies all went through these short stages of hunger strike with their one’s and two’s. Most of the time it’s attributed to their teeth. It makes sense when I think about it, if my mouth was in terrible pain I wouldn’t really want to eat anything either. Eisley has never really been one for baby food (puréed, blended, etc..) so getting her a proper diet on daily basis has been a struggle. That’s is something I though I would never say about my little tank. Her normal self wants to eat ALL DAY. I have noticed her tooth poking through so maybe in the next few days she will be back on track.. Fingers crossed! 😉