It’s been six weeks since this little bear cub turned one. In six short weeks so many things have changed. We’ve come to a point of trying to communicate which is more frustrating than I imagined. Eisley has thrown more “unprovoked” tantrums this month than ever before. It’s funny to see her trying to use words and have conversations with us. It’s less funny to see her sad and confused as to why we have no idea what she wants/needs over half of the time. It’s nice to see her vocabulary growing from calling everything “dada” to saying; dog, mama, bah! (Which to her means either bottle or book. Whichever she is wanting at the time). She even says Hi and it is quite possibly the most adorable greeting you will ever have. Also a “latest” development with Eisley is her insane bouts of slam dancing and yelling.. I mean singing… If I can figure out how to post a video here I will. It’s worth the watch.
This weeks portrait was taken in a walk we had. And by walk I mean the stretch of sidewalk the runs from our front door to the street. She looked so darling in her designer tunic that my friend Paige gave her from her old kids clothing line. It was obviously too big for her but that made it more adorable. She looked so stunning I knew it was perfect for the weekly portrait.

Her pose is so sweet but just because we all know Eisley is a goofy one I’m posting a second picture I took with a hilarious confused face. It’s more in the style of Eisley 😉