I unfortunately didn’t realize that this post never posted. It was finished last Saturday so… Pretend it was posted on time! Xo

There is still a few minutes left in this week! So now I will post my weekly portrait of Eisley. She’s playing with my shorts. That’s her thing now.

I have had a lot on my plate this week both physically and mentally so until recently, this post has slipped my mind! I don’t actually even remember where we were going this day, but I do remember how happy she was. Which is a rare occurrence when you put something on her head. (This is the main reason she is rarely seen wearing cute hair accessories.) Eisley continues to crack me up with her developing personality. She’s trying so hard to communicate with me these days which is both exciting and exhausting. Temper tantrums are becoming more frequent as I struggle to understand what it is she needs. But amidst the low-times there are jubilant highs when the world is her oyster and you can stop her gap-toothed smile. She is so funny and expressive, I didn’t know someone could make so many faces and do so many things when they know so little. Before her, I honestly though kids were like these zombie blobs. They cried and ate and occasionally had a terrifying gurgling giggle. (I’ve never been a kid person. If you can’t tell.) It’s so crazy how someone so small can make the biggest changes in the world. She’s completely changed mine.