I’ve had a very hard time finding shoes for Eisley. Her feet are SO fat that even when the shoe is a size too big, her feet STILL won’t fit. I usually buy her shoes from Target and I’ve even tried them on and let her walk before buying them. It’s crazy how short of an amount of time she is able to use those shoes. I’ve bought her sneakers, slip-ons, sandals.. My Mama even bought her some boots and some Native’s (similar to crocs) and I can’t get her foot inside them. If, on the off chance, I am able to get her foot inside the shoe, her ankles are too fat for the strap or her feel look like stuffed sausages and she’s crying from discomfort. I’ve been at my wits end with her chunky feet. Today we went to Nordstrom to find her some shoes. They have such a HUGE selection of brands, types and sizes. We tried on a few different pairs that we really liked for multiple reasons. Here is a short list of shoes to look into of you have trouble finding shoes that fit your little one.
1. TOMS:: I have worn TOMS myself and know that these are quite possibly some of the most comfortable shoes out there while still being on the some-what affordable side. TOMS now offers a large selection of styles and colors so if you aren’t keen on the classic style you have more options. I personally couldn’t get enough of how adorable Eisley looked in them. They now make the soles much more durable and better for traction to avoid slipping. I especially loved the Velcro flap that comes on the kids TOMS because it allows the shoes to be opened up, resulting in easy access for a chubby, baby foot.


2. Timberlands: I’ve got to start out by saying that I think these are by no means cute. But when it comes to practicality, quality and the overall wellness of your little bugs toes, Timberlands are two thumbs up! These shoes are the closest thing I could imagine to an ergonomically sound shoe for a toddler. The fact that it completely opens up (making foot-thickness a non-issue) is a great feature to me and since they have very little cloth material on them, they are easy to clean and use through multiple terrains.


3. Converse: I decided to mention these last because these are the shoes that we actually purchased for Eisley. As if the insane amount of cuteness wasn’t enough, these shoes made us the most happy for all the qualities we were looking for. Since they are laced, we can easily make them wide to fit Eisley’s thick foot inside easily, without hurting her toes or having to damage the shoe. (With her target slip-ons I had to cut a huge slit in the elastic just to put them on.) They run big in size so she will (hopefully) be able to wear them for a little while, depending on how fast she grows. The Converse a wider at the toe so Eisley didn’t feel the need to curl her toes in revolt against putting on shoes. There is even enough room for socks if we wanted to put those on too! The quality of Converse is great; I’ve owned several pairs myself for years. Although I know she definitely won’t be wearing these for years, it was worth the price ($27) to get her something she is comfortable in, can run freely and safely in, and all while being super, stinkin, cute sauce. Here is her mini “new shoes” photoshoot. She looks grumpy in the photos but she was laughing all afternoon. She wouldn’t let us carry her, she walked to entire dog park herself.