This is my chosen photo for the week. It was taken this evening during dinner with some friends. My friend Cassie is holding Eisley while she feigns interest in what everyone is talking about. The quality of the picture is not great, but it still depicts perfectly another marvelous moment in the extraordinary life that is Eisley. (That sentence took the wind out of me!) My week with this little soul has been better than most. I’ve made a point to take time for her. To find out what it is she needs and wants, which more than anything is attention and love. In the past, I feel like my daily objective was to treat her well, but also to find ways to pacify her so that I didn’t have a screaming ball of chaos chasing my heels the whole time. While I’ve heard many mothers admit to this feeling, it doesn’t make us feel any better about essentially “ignoring” our kids. Giving your child the time they deeply desire and deserve isn’t even all that difficult, you just have to be aware if the opportunities that naturally present themselves to you. There are small changes you can make in that direction that I hasn’t realized until this week with her. Sometimes Eisley is happy when I simply sit on the floor instead of the couch. Although the comfort of the couch is preferred by me, I imagine it makes her feel like I am detached and unreachable. When I sit on the floor she is more willing to roam around and play by herself. So then in the opposite manner, whenever I sit on the couch she is pulling at me and screaming and whining the whole time and even trying to crawl up next to me. It’s not science, but I have noticed that this is a small way that I can intentionally be present with my daughter while making her more happy too! I don’t want to pacify her day after day until she takes care of herself. I want to get to know who she is, watch her blossom and until she no longer needs me I want to collect all the moments I can. That way when I look back, I am full. How can you be intentional with your loved ones today?