I realized that I never addressed the wonderful day that honors our fathers! This year, although I have the best daddy’s a girl could ask for, I wanted to put all the focus on my husband Jojo. (It’s so funny how much Eisley looks like him.)
If you are fortunate enough to know Jojo then you are already aware of his kindness, gentleness, humility and excessive amounts of talent pouring out of his entire body. What no one else gets to see is how sacrificial, strong and loving he is as a husband and father. I feel so honor to have a man like him walk through life with me and to have him teach our child what a Godly man looks like. I’ve had the joy of watching his relationship with Eisley blossom into a desire to be in each other’s company. In the beginning, while Eisley mostly slept and breastfed, it was natural that Jojo felt a bit detached and unneeded. Now I see Eisley standing at the front door watching her dad as he leaves for work. My favorite moments are when I walk into a room and see Eisley leaping for his arms and she rests into a tender, long embrace. Or when I can hear them giggling and playing together while I make them lunch. The father-daughter relationship is SO necessary for girls. She is so blessed to have an earthly daddy who follows her heavenly Daddy.