Eisley and I went on a picnic in Shelter Island today with some of our friends! It was such a beautiful day watching the sailboats and enjoying the company of loved ones.

It’s quite comical how much food Eisley is able to consume. It cranks everyone up! She eats like a vacuum cleaner.


It is really weird going down to the Point Loma area and being in areas I didn’t even know existed. We used to live in that neighborhood, for two years, and I have never heard of the Friendship Bell. We ate in front of it and had a gorgeous view of downtown San Diego and the open water. It makes me want to be more curious in discovering the areas I live in. You never know where you will find a hidden gem.



This post is already so sporadic in thought but I love how well Eisley is loved. It makes my heart so glad to see the joy she brings to other’s lives. I think it is so amazing that she is able to touch so many lives. God gave her such a uniquely radiant personality and she can’t help but make others smile.