I look at Eisley, now a one year old, and she looks much older now. I now can only vaguely recall the time when she would eat and sleep the entire day long. She was so wrinkly and she hardly moved. Now she’s plump and running around as if she has a motor on the back of her heels. It’s crazy that she understands me now. I ask her to do something or what something is and she knows! I guess in perspective one year isn’t all that long, but for her it’s a lifetime. And within that lifetime she has changed and learned so much. It really is incredibly to watch another human being discover life. They are just beginning to know things we’ve taken for granted or long forgotten about. But the beauty in that aspect of parenthood is that you get a second chance. You get to go back and make sure your kids remember the things you didn’t. Like maybe the importance of giving as many hugs and kisses to your loved ones as you are able. Or maybe even the beauty and complexity of a blade of grass. And most importantly; God’s unlimited creativity throughout His creation. He is in all things, no matter how small. That is what I hope to show Eisley and make sure she remembers it forever.