It was a gloomy day yesterday without the chance of rain. Despite the preference of most San Diegans, I am most happy on gloomy days. And on the rare chance that we get some rainfall? —heaven. I must confess it is extremely hard to be somber when you’ve got a little nut like Eisley running around. Yesterday evening we took Eisley to La Jolla Cove for the first time. (I think her only other time would have been in my belly.)

This little Bear Cub takes after her mom in the fact that she is OBSESSED with animals. A great example is when we go to the dog park for Scout; Eisley is clobbered and kissed by every dog in site, much to her delight. The evening we spent strolling at the cove was dominated by Eisley squealing and chasing seagulls.

She almost seemed to want to observe them! My heart melted when she started to spread her arms wide and scream while running around with the vulturous birds.

Jojo and I laughed, and he commented on how the birds were bigger than she was.

Everyday with this incredible girl makes me feel so alive. It’s so humbling to see her discover everything for the first time and to be fascinated by the smallest of God’s creations. I want to be like Eisley and live a life full of wonder.