My little bear cub started swim class yesterday. She attends Alli Jo’s Swim School. This woman is first class in her area. I swear some of the two year olds she has taught swim better than I do! Eisley is one of five students for this hour class. It’s hilarious to see them go under the water and hang on the sides of the pool like big kids. The majority of the time Eisley is in the water she is whining. It’s odd because she loves the water, but mostly for snuggling. I’m very excited for her to start learning skills in the water that could potentially save her life someday. Alli Jo is incredibly patient with the kids and knows all the tricks to get them comfortable in water. I think she even takes babies as young as 9months! My friend Shelby’s 10month old girl, Veda, takes the class with Eisley. It’s a fun hour for the moms too because you get to relax with other cool moms and you leave feeling so proud of your child. Even if they did cry the whole time 😉 The naps that follow the lesson are worth it alone!