The journey awaits: I feel like it is everyone’s birthday all at once. It’s quite fun because the celebration never ends! I feel like birthdays make us better friends. Not because we get gifts and eat cake together, but because we get to lavish love on one another and take the time to say, “You impact me. You inspire me. I love these incredible God-given qualities you possess.”
As an early birthday present Cassie gave me a notebook and pen, one of the many things I am in love with. The notebook was covered in different currencies and stamps from places like Tokyo and Malaysia, while the pen was a tiny figurine of Big Ben. Inside, she inspired me to dream and be adventurous, while reminding me subtly that she remembered how obsessed I am with notebooks and pens. She reminded me how my day today dreams can often be found on a piece of paper. The next gift she gave me was a pair of cut-off overalls I had seen at a clothing store and gawked about how much I wanted them. she remembers specific conversations which make you feel valued, and even more so, she is willing to travel a great distance to get you what your heart desires.
The third gift was a pair of handmade moccasins. She knows my taste and she spends time on me. Not time she benefits from. She sewed the shoes together and hand-beaded multiple strands of embellishments in my favorite colors to show how much detail she pays attention to: how much effort she gives. Jesus made an extraordinary woman named Cassie. I am deeply honored that she keeps wanting to spend time with me