Today was one of those days where you have to bounce from one event to another and your baby refuses to nap. I must say that considering her lack of sleep, her disposition was impeccable. Right up until around 6pm that is. A little whining never hurt anyone. The worst thing about today was my mood. Eisley wasn’t bothering me, neither was my husband or any of our friends, yet I just couldn’t shake the funk. WE GOT THE FUNK!! (I sang that. I couldn’t stop myself.) I woke up mildly grumpy and that seemed to become progressively worse. It jumped from a lack of zeal during worship at church, to aggressively competing with one of my best friends on a Harry Potter quiz. (I am aware of how insanely awesome that makes me sound.) I feel a huge loss on days like this when I can’t seem to bring myself into a state of appreciation for my family and the time I have with them. Eisley was EXHAUSTED and she still made everyone’s day at the gatherings we went to. Jojo didn’t get much sleep and had a crab apple wife and still treated me right and kind. I guess I will have to try to make up for the lost cuddles and smiles tomorrow. Now it’s off to sleep, I hope.