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This is my chosen photo for the week. It was taken this evening during dinner with some friends. My friend Cassie is holding Eisley while she feigns interest in what everyone is talking about. The quality of the picture is not great, but it still depicts perfectly another marvelous moment in the extraordinary life that is Eisley. (That sentence took the wind out of me!) My week with this little soul has been better than most. I’ve made a point to take time for her. To find out what it is she needs and wants, which more than anything is attention and love. In the past, I feel like my daily objective was to treat her well, but also to find ways to pacify her so that I didn’t have a screaming ball of chaos chasing my heels the whole time. While I’ve heard many mothers admit to this feeling, it doesn’t make us feel any better about essentially “ignoring” our kids. Giving your child the time they deeply desire and deserve isn’t even all that difficult, you just have to be aware if the opportunities that naturally present themselves to you. There are small changes you can make in that direction that I hasn’t realized until this week with her. Sometimes Eisley is happy when I simply sit on the floor instead of the couch. Although the comfort of the couch is preferred by me, I imagine it makes her feel like I am detached and unreachable. When I sit on the floor she is more willing to roam around and play by herself. So then in the opposite manner, whenever I sit on the couch she is pulling at me and screaming and whining the whole time and even trying to crawl up next to me. It’s not science, but I have noticed that this is a small way that I can intentionally be present with my daughter while making her more happy too! I don’t want to pacify her day after day until she takes care of herself. I want to get to know who she is, watch her blossom and until she no longer needs me I want to collect all the moments I can. That way when I look back, I am full. How can you be intentional with your loved ones today?


I realized that I never addressed the wonderful day that honors our fathers! This year, although I have the best daddy’s a girl could ask for, I wanted to put all the focus on my husband Jojo. (It’s so funny how much Eisley looks like him.)
If you are fortunate enough to know Jojo then you are already aware of his kindness, gentleness, humility and excessive amounts of talent pouring out of his entire body. What no one else gets to see is how sacrificial, strong and loving he is as a husband and father. I feel so honor to have a man like him walk through life with me and to have him teach our child what a Godly man looks like. I’ve had the joy of watching his relationship with Eisley blossom into a desire to be in each other’s company. In the beginning, while Eisley mostly slept and breastfed, it was natural that Jojo felt a bit detached and unneeded. Now I see Eisley standing at the front door watching her dad as he leaves for work. My favorite moments are when I walk into a room and see Eisley leaping for his arms and she rests into a tender, long embrace. Or when I can hear them giggling and playing together while I make them lunch. The father-daughter relationship is SO necessary for girls. She is so blessed to have an earthly daddy who follows her heavenly Daddy.

Eisley has finally reached a point where she will sit still long enough for me to paint her toes. I’ve been trying to do this since… Well maybe since before I should have! But that’s one of the fun things about being a girl and having a girl! You get to be colorful and bright with so many different aspects of your appearance! I thought about doing each of her toes a different color to match her zany personality, but that seemed a bit daunting. For now I will leave well enough alone and be happy with this little victory.



Eisley and I went on a picnic in Shelter Island today with some of our friends! It was such a beautiful day watching the sailboats and enjoying the company of loved ones.

It’s quite comical how much food Eisley is able to consume. It cranks everyone up! She eats like a vacuum cleaner.


It is really weird going down to the Point Loma area and being in areas I didn’t even know existed. We used to live in that neighborhood, for two years, and I have never heard of the Friendship Bell. We ate in front of it and had a gorgeous view of downtown San Diego and the open water. It makes me want to be more curious in discovering the areas I live in. You never know where you will find a hidden gem.



This post is already so sporadic in thought but I love how well Eisley is loved. It makes my heart so glad to see the joy she brings to other’s lives. I think it is so amazing that she is able to touch so many lives. God gave her such a uniquely radiant personality and she can’t help but make others smile.



This week’s portrait was obnoxiously hard to capture. However, it resulted in many laughs from both Eisley and myself. I kept telling her to stand still and right when I adjusted the lighting on the camera she would run towards me laughing. She can be a real big stinker from time to time. This portrait is me pretending her hair is long enough for a “princess” hair-do which is what my sister and I called half-up half-down hair when we were little. Eisley is kind enough to let me paw at her head from time to time.


Today Eisley and I were invited to go to the San Diego Zoo with our friend Janessa and her daughter Callie. She was so sweet to take us on her guest pass! We had a wonderful time looking at all the animals. Today was an especially perfect day at the zoo because most of the animals were close to the fence and extremely active! A lot of the different animals had babies too, so we were able to see some tiny orangutans and koalas!

Despite all the wonderful, exotic animals, Eisley found herself most happy when eating sticks she found on the ground. That is typical for her however 😉

The zoo was also not overly busy for this season, so it made the experience much more leisurely than I was anticipating. That helped their moods greatly!


Janessa and I packed our lunches in small coolers to avoid the pricy restaurants and lines!
It made me glad to see my little Bear Cub become excited when she was close to the animals. She is in the process of learning her animals and sounds so it is nice for her to see them in the flesh!

Around one it was time for us to call it quits. Kids can only carry on for so long!
The craziest thing I learned today? Flamingos sleep like this!


I have to do a food post because this treat is one of my all time favorites. The simplicity and deliciousness just further prove the awesomeness of God in His creation. That sounds pretty fantastic yes? This dessert which is incredibly flavorful has only one ingredient; Fruit! All you need is any form of peaches or nectarines. That’s what makes this dessert a great summer dish; both peaches and nectarines drop in price and have much more flavor during the summer months.

Pictured here is one yellow nectarine, 3 white donut peaches, and one red plum (just because I had it). On a cookie sheet that I sprayed with a little bit of non-stick, I baked these at 425 degrees for about 20 mins. PRESTO! The best dessert ever!!! I swear to you that one bite of baked fruit tastes just like pie except you didn’t eat all the crap that is added into those. I added a dollop of low-fat whipped cream and my family was in dessert heaven.

This dessert can also be done with berries!


I look at Eisley, now a one year old, and she looks much older now. I now can only vaguely recall the time when she would eat and sleep the entire day long. She was so wrinkly and she hardly moved. Now she’s plump and running around as if she has a motor on the back of her heels. It’s crazy that she understands me now. I ask her to do something or what something is and she knows! I guess in perspective one year isn’t all that long, but for her it’s a lifetime. And within that lifetime she has changed and learned so much. It really is incredibly to watch another human being discover life. They are just beginning to know things we’ve taken for granted or long forgotten about. But the beauty in that aspect of parenthood is that you get a second chance. You get to go back and make sure your kids remember the things you didn’t. Like maybe the importance of giving as many hugs and kisses to your loved ones as you are able. Or maybe even the beauty and complexity of a blade of grass. And most importantly; God’s unlimited creativity throughout His creation. He is in all things, no matter how small. That is what I hope to show Eisley and make sure she remembers it forever.

I will be posting a weekly portrait of my daughter starting from her birthday!

This is a photo of Eisley that I took on her birthday. She was at the doctor waiting to get her 12 month vaccines.

This post would have made it’s way here much sooner if I didn’t require a few detox days from the aftermath of Eisley’s first birthday.
The party was such a huge success and I attribute that mostly to the hard work of my Mama, Cassie and my wonderful Husband and Brother. These people truly love Eisley, so a public thanks to them for all they’ve done!

Eisley’s party was so much fun and filled with lots of people who love her. We stayed up far too late the night before and got up much to early to cook all the delicious food. It was at ten in the morning so brunch was served to our guest along with gorgeous strawberry lemonade cupcakes, a Nana contribution of course.

Since the party obviously revolved around the little’s, we had two pools; one with water and the other with colorful balls. These ended up being wonderful entertainment for all the kids that came!

My favorite part of her party was when we had her dedicated to The Lord. We’ve been wanting to do it since birth but it was such a wonderful experience to share with all these people who have known Eisley now for a good chunk of time. It was so awesome to see people come around us to bless us and share in the promise to raise Eisley up in a godly home that full-heartedly serves Jesus.


It was such a precious moment for our family which brought tears to my eyes. We have been loved so well.
As the party continued, our little one-year-old was showered in toys, books and clothes. Honestly the large amount of gifts were overwhelming! Eisley was lavished on! I truly believe her birthday was great for her.





Ps. The pictures are all different colors because they were all sent to me by different people. I couldn’t match them haha!