It feels like lately Eisley has had a more difficult time NOT being gross. I’ve begun to realize that pickiness must come much later in life. Please look at this cute photo series of Eisley and her Daddy before I tell her story so that you have a mental picture of her cuteness instead of her depravity.




Recently, Jojo woke up to get Eisley out of her crib. Ever since we went on our trip to Alaska she has pooped during the night which normally never happens. Although she is back to her normal poop-time, that morning she awoke to a poo-filled diaper. He calmly came into the bedroom with her in hand waking me with the sweet words, “honey, she got her diaper off and was sitting there eating her poo.” I cannot tell you how fast my heart dropped, nor can I express the disgust that contorted my face as I bathed her. My little princess lost her sparkling tiara that morning.
Now to further your view of my child’s sense of good judgement; today Eisley had a series of misadventure, making the first three hours since we’ve been up a bit bumpy. I always try to keep the bathroom door shut because Eisley just seems to have a magnetic pull to toilets. So, aside from licking the toilet seat, playing in the water and digging through that garbage, the clincher for today was her bringing the toilet wand to my bedroom in her mouth. After that, she needed to be changed from her poopy diaper, but before I threw the diaper away she touched the poop, then stuck her hands in my water glass and splashed around. MORTIFIED. That’s the word of the morning. All poop-related things aside, she also spilled Scout’s water (a common daily occurrence) and slipped in the kitchen. Later she rummaged through the dirty clothes, somehow got my bra wrapped around her thighs, neck and arms and proceeded to scream when she couldn’t get out.
I’ve often been complimented on Eisley’s cheerful disposition. I frequently hear, “how do you wear such high heels and be a mom?” These are things that make you feel like others see you as “super mom”. Let this record stand to show that I am indeed NOT a super mom. I’m just a kid, crazy in love with this little, gross, incredible, baby girl.