I was on a cruise ship for my first Mother’s Day and was unable to write anything on the subject then, but that can’t stop me from writing about how magnificent mother’s are. I’ve been blessed not only to have an incredible Mama myself, but to also have wonderful mom friends who are the epitome of sacrifice. I think the closest, physical example of God’s unconditional love we have can be found in a mother playing with and laying down her life for her child.
In honor of mom’s day, I thought it would be fun to interview my own Mama.
Me: What is the best part of being a mom?

Mama:(a deep sigh) there is so much I don’t think I could pick one thing, but I think the best part is the love you get back from your kids. Being a mom changes your life.. For the better of course. It changes who you are.

Me:What is the hardest part about motherhood?

Mama:letting go. Especially when you can’t rescue your kids from everything. You feel hopeless because you want to make their paths right or help them avoid hurtful situations. Just letting go. Knowing that they belong to Jesus and not you. Which is a good thing but it’s still hard.

Me:What challenges did you face as a mom in the early years?

Mama:That’s easy. Being a single mother. I didn’t have any family for back up or a support system either. It was hard because in the midst of it I felt forsaken and abandoned by God, which I know is not true. Looking back I see how he took care of us. I know I felt that way because it was hard. In the thick of it it’s hard to see God, but when it’s over you can see God’s mercy and how he provided and protected us.

Me:What has change for you as a mom since your kids have grown?

Mama:Obviously it’s becoming friends with them. Before my main job was being a parent, but now I can have a relationship and enjoy friendships because I don’t have to be a care taker or a disciplinarian. I can just enjoy who they have become.

Me: What advice would you give to new moms?

hat’s a good one. I personally live with regrets because I made unimportant things more important than enjoying my kids. I cared more about cleaning things rather than just coloring with my kids. I feel I wasted time. So I would say chose what is most important. Which is time with your kids cause you can’t get it back and you don’t want to lose it.

Me:Who is your favorite?

Mama:You’re serious? Haha I love you all the same but my relationship with you each is different.

Me:I know it’s me.

Mama:I think if all my kids think they’re my favorite then I have done something right.