Eisley’s first birthday approaches at a speed that feels much to rapid for my taste. I’ve got nothing against growing up and growing older, but life feels so much more fleeting when you are just a bystander. I am a peeping-Tom, gazing into a window of her life in it’s most fragile of stages. I’m honored to be the one who gets to see her discover life in it’s purest form. She is untainted. Unused. Unworn. I’m so curious! So anxious to know and witness all she will do. To see her burn with passion and feel her fire that flickers from a distance as she leaves me to chase that life with such zeal. But I can wait for that. I’d slow this time down to stare in those eyes that match the sea. Those eyes that peek behind a filter of black lashes and wonder. The strands of gold twisted throughout your hair… I could hold you forever my little bear cub.