There are so many questions that I am asked on a daily basis, so if you don’t know me personally and you have the same questions I’m about to answer then lucky day! If you have any other questions that I don’t answer feel free to ask me in the comments below 🙂 xo

1. How old are you?

A: This question is reasonable considering that I look 15 and yet I have a child, and a husband who is blessed with plentiful & lovely gray hairs. I am 21 years old. I was born in 1992. So timeline of events for my little family goes as follows; dated at 18, married at 19, pregnant at 20, and a mom at 21! It’s been a great few years this far 🙂

2. What hospital did you deliver at?

A: I didn’t! Eisley was a natural home birth. More on this will be covered in a later post divulging Eisley’s birth story! Make sure you keep reading he blog to hear it!

3. Is that your real hair?

A: Yes! I have never used extensions, although I have had a perm once. That went way south. It was such a mistake.

4. How old is Eisley?

A: She is now 8 months old! This question is always followed by a “wow! She’s huge!” Yes, yes I know…

5. Is she wearing a cloth diaper?

A: Yes we do cloth diaper Eisley. No it isn’t disgusting or a pain to clean them. I don’t think people should be turned off from doing things just because they require a bit more effort. Jojo and I decided to cloth diaper because we like to make sure we add as less as possible to the collective human footprint on nature. Plus, cloth diapering has saved us a lot of money! Eisley still wears disposable diapers on occasion but she’s mostly cloth diapered. We use Kawaii Baby diapers, but if you are interested in cloth diapering and don’t know where to start, I suggest you YouTube “cloth diaper reviews” and see which ones tickle your fancy and wallet!

6. Who does Eisley look like more?

A: Eisley looks just like her dad. It quite funny actually. My in-laws always tell me how much déjà vu Eisley evokes when we Skype. I knew she resembled him more but it was hilarious when we put their baby pictures side by side and it looked like the exact same baby. It’s a good thing he’s attractive! Haha

7. What did you say her name was?

A: Eisley. It’s pronounced Eyes-lee. Not ice-lee.

8. Where did you come up with a name like that?

A: I first heard the name Eisley from a band that I loved in high school. Although she is not “named after” the band, it is still where I heard it. I’m not going to pretend like I know exactly what it means, but when we looked it up we found somewhere that said it meant “cheerful”. Is that my Eisley or what? 😉

Do you have questions of your own? Ask away! A lot of the questions listed were silly but they are the ones I am asked ALL THE TIME!