While I am all for making your kid look hip and forgoing the typical sailboats and kittens on your kid’s attire, I can’t bring myself to spend money on Eisley’s wardrobe just yet. I see incredibly fashionable pieces for her age but I just know that she will end up wearing it once and grow out of it in a week! She’s already so big for her age as it is. While I won’t be investing our money into her clothes now, I have already scouted out some fun and fresh kid’s clothing sites that I will frequent when she’s a tad older. Here they are!



I am in love with the print tees and leggings that this company makes. They just seem to get that kids need to be wild and free, but they make them ADORABLE in the process. I also love that a lot of their stuff is not gender specific, so there isn’t a ton of hideous pink… things.




If you are into beanies, scarves, moccasins, bandanas.. and all the other accessories that make your kid look like a hipster than this site is for you. I especially love their jean jackets with amazing, tribal patches. (You can build your own too!) This is where I will get to pretend like we live in a beautifully wooded town somewhere deep in Washington or Oregon…





I don’t think I truly understood Etsy when it started to become popular. But then I started to look around on it and I found some really great shops that have unique headbands and accessories! So if you are unsure what shops to look in but you want some options, Etsy is a great site to browse through what shops are out there. One of my favorite shops I found on Etsy is the SALT CITY EMPORIUM. I know it may seem like I am bias to this shop since it is from my beloved town of Salt Lake City, BUT she makes fantastic headbands and leggings! I bought a buffalo head wrap from her. I LOVE IT! She makes items for adults too which is a huge plus!


Got a kid’s clothing store/site you love? Share them in the comments below!