We did it! We found a new place to live! Don’t worry, it’s still in the beautiful land of San Diego 😉 I think the thing I am most excited about is that Eisley will FINALLY have her own room! I haven’t been able to decorate a nursery or even buy a crib! I’m getting incredibly anxious about all the fun projects I want to do in her room to make it her little wonderland. I am ultimately excited to have a space that is all us. For the past two years we have been so blessed with our free apartment, but it is furnished! Not one piece of furniture in our place is OURS. Which is to say, our “taste”. So the excitement just keeps building and building! and let me tell you, Pinterest is NOT helping. I constantly catch myself finding new rugs or duvet covers that I “just HAVE to have.” haha. Man sometimes I’m just so ridiculous. When the moving is complete and I have everything set I will be sure to take you on a tour of Eisley’s room! Wishing you a beautiful day!