I, like most young moms, wish to be crafty and creative when it comes to the things my kid plays with and wears. Having no real skills in sewing (or the like) except for the small knowledge I’ve retained from childhood lessons, I attempted the, now daunting, task of crocheting Eisley some cute leg warmers. I can honestly only think of one stitch that I know how to do properly when it comes to crocheting, and even that isn’t executed with a skillful hand. So there I was, sitting on my couch after Eisley had gone down for the night crocheting away at these lovely leg warmers, when I suddenly realize, “this chain of 6 is starting to look a bit long!” So with my amazing skills and know how I do my best to correct the situation. Before I know it, it’s finished! I am trying to admire my work when I realize I am looking at an incredibly large sock that has no bottom…. It was truly heartbreaking. The nail in the coffin is that my husband, then my mother both found great pleasure in displaying my beautiful creation. The ridicule was endless, but well deserved. But I’m trying again! This time taking more time to count my stitches and make sure that it’s looking even throughout the whole time. Crossing my fingers they work!