I am like most of us, cursed with the tragic “sweet-tooth” that plagues most women. This time of year is the worst for the health-conscience. Two weeks ago I made my giant batches of Christmas baked goods to distribute to some loved ones, and I ended up eating about ten, large pieces of peanut butter fudge. Not one of my shining moments. Since then I have been eating better and trying to stay active, which is easy now that Eisley is crawling all over the place! Now with the impending decadent holiday meals approaching, I knew I had to keep myself from nibbling on candies and pinching sweet cookies! Whenever I my sweet-tooth nags me to bend to its will I go for my alternative! I have a small amount of Fage non-fat yogurt and a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips! It’s a delicious combo that’s both sour and sweet and I don’t feel physically bad or guilty for snacking on it. I particularly love Fage yogurt for its texture. It’s so fluffy and creamy, a regular on my shopping list.