I know that new-mommy blogs are becoming obnoxiously cliche amongst the web self-publishing world, so here is another one to mix it up! As much as I’ve tried to resist, the keyboard beckons me to tell the world my tales of becoming a mother and how my precious little Junebug fills my day-to-day with wonder and anxiety that I can learn from.
My little girl, Eisley Winter was born at home on June 12, 2013. Ever since that early 3am morning, when first I laid eyes on her, my world was turned upside down (for the better of course.) Now at 6 months, she constantly keeps me on my toes trying to keep her out of the dog food or trying to catch her when she climbs up onto the couch. While wanting her to become more independent, I relish in those moments when nothing can sooth her except a kiss and some cuddles from her mama!
I blink and I’ve lost a few precious moments. I’ve missed a priceless expression.. It’s all too fast. I want to write this blog to celebrate all the little things, document the smiles and trials, help others if I can and most of all just to let everyone know how utterly and completely in love I am with my child and with the one who gave her to me. Thank you Jesus!
I hope you all enjoy this blog and stop by often to see all the crazy, wonder-filled tales of my little wild thing.. xoxo- Sarah