My Little Wild Thing


This is my Eisley. (Pronounced Eyes-Lee) Eisley Winter Hahn in full. She was born a whopping 9lbs 4oz 21in. She’s Impressively been in the 100th percentile since then. As grateful as I am to have such a “sturdy” baby, my arms did not anticipate the mass weight they were to carry upon her arrival. Aside from her incredibly lovable rolls and perfect little nose, the most common compliment she receives is how striking and beautiful her brilliant blue eyes are! (how’s that alliteration for you?)

Eisley was born on June 12th and 3:26 AM on a futon. The first person to hold her (aside from the midwife that caught her) was her Daddy. Eisley is her daddy through and through, although if you see her pout that’s all mama! In her first 5 months of life she has been on 4 planes, a firetruck, a road trip, she’s been to sea world, a house of blues concert, bonfires, swimming.. etc! I can tell she is going to be an adrenaline junkie like her daddy! At 5 1/2 months she started to crawl and now as she has just reach 6 months she is getting into EVERYTHING. She screeches DADADADA all day long. Which, as you can imagine, is very disappointing to me. She wants absolutely everything in her mouth! Her favorite toys are my iPhone, any and all kinds of paper, and her package of wipes. She also loves to pull her doggy Scout’s tail!