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I had to slow myself down today, despite the activity that surrounds the holidays, and moving, AND having a child, and remind myself, “Holy Toledo… the new year is just a few days away!” The years just seem to be going by more quickly and I find that I haven’t done the things I dreamed I would be doing. When I think of that, I just can’t seem to find a good enough reason for why they are still undone. I can’t even tell you the innumerable amounts of television shows that I have watch start to finish. Time after time, day after day, just sitting on my couch wasting the precious days. I remember the days when you couldn’t keep me inside. It felt like a crime with the wide world outside. I think when it comes down to what I want my “resolution” to be this new year, it can be summed up into one word: More. I want to go for walks with my dog and scratch his belly more. I want to play with my daughter and stare at her amazingness more. I want to take spontaneous getaways and appreciate my lover more. I want to stand outside in God’s green earth and shout my love for him more. I want to give of myself more, especially to people and causes that I’ve purposefully overlooked. If I drop some pounds this year, kudos to me. But after 21 years, I’m finally over myself. I’m only ashamed that it has taken so long to turn my eyes from the inside out. The best part about not looking at myself? I truly feel pretty for the first time.
These “resolutions” might not be easy, but they are entirely worth it. Now I’m no fool, I know that come January 1st, a switch won’t be hit and everything will magically work and everyone will be healthy, and people will fulfill their dreams, so that is why we should just start loving and living life right now! After all, “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift! That’s why it is called the present.”
Share your New Years resolutions of how you’re going to make 2014 your best!

“To see things thousands of miles away, things hidden behind walls and within rooms, things dangerous to come to, to draw closer, to see and be amazed.”


We did it! We found a new place to live! Don’t worry, it’s still in the beautiful land of San Diego 😉 I think the thing I am most excited about is that Eisley will FINALLY have her own room! I haven’t been able to decorate a nursery or even buy a crib! I’m getting incredibly anxious about all the fun projects I want to do in her room to make it her little wonderland. I am ultimately excited to have a space that is all us. For the past two years we have been so blessed with our free apartment, but it is furnished! Not one piece of furniture in our place is OURS. Which is to say, our “taste”. So the excitement just keeps building and building! and let me tell you, Pinterest is NOT helping. I constantly catch myself finding new rugs or duvet covers that I “just HAVE to have.” haha. Man sometimes I’m just so ridiculous. When the moving is complete and I have everything set I will be sure to take you on a tour of Eisley’s room! Wishing you a beautiful day!

So now that Christmas has come and gone, this idea won’t help anyone until next year, but here it is anyways! Our home is a fireplace-less one but we didn’t want that to stop us having a cute place to hang our stockings! This was our solution: We pinned our stockings to a rustic window frame that we were also able to attach our Christmas cards from friends to! It was simple and cute!




If you are friends with my on facebook or on instagram then you have probably already seen the pictures I’ve posted of Eisley’s first Christmas celebration. BUT if you haven’t I of course had to post them up on the blog that is all about the little Junebug 🙂










I, like most young moms, wish to be crafty and creative when it comes to the things my kid plays with and wears. Having no real skills in sewing (or the like) except for the small knowledge I’ve retained from childhood lessons, I attempted the, now daunting, task of crocheting Eisley some cute leg warmers. I can honestly only think of one stitch that I know how to do properly when it comes to crocheting, and even that isn’t executed with a skillful hand. So there I was, sitting on my couch after Eisley had gone down for the night crocheting away at these lovely leg warmers, when I suddenly realize, “this chain of 6 is starting to look a bit long!” So with my amazing skills and know how I do my best to correct the situation. Before I know it, it’s finished! I am trying to admire my work when I realize I am looking at an incredibly large sock that has no bottom…. It was truly heartbreaking. The nail in the coffin is that my husband, then my mother both found great pleasure in displaying my beautiful creation. The ridicule was endless, but well deserved. But I’m trying again! This time taking more time to count my stitches and make sure that it’s looking even throughout the whole time. Crossing my fingers they work!

I am like most of us, cursed with the tragic “sweet-tooth” that plagues most women. This time of year is the worst for the health-conscience. Two weeks ago I made my giant batches of Christmas baked goods to distribute to some loved ones, and I ended up eating about ten, large pieces of peanut butter fudge. Not one of my shining moments. Since then I have been eating better and trying to stay active, which is easy now that Eisley is crawling all over the place! Now with the impending decadent holiday meals approaching, I knew I had to keep myself from nibbling on candies and pinching sweet cookies! Whenever I my sweet-tooth nags me to bend to its will I go for my alternative! I have a small amount of Fage non-fat yogurt and a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips! It’s a delicious combo that’s both sour and sweet and I don’t feel physically bad or guilty for snacking on it. I particularly love Fage yogurt for its texture. It’s so fluffy and creamy, a regular on my shopping list.



I think most parents would agree that there is nothing better than waking up to your beautiful child staring up at you through their long lashes with darling little bedroom eyes. My days have never started so wonderfully! There are also those mornings where you wake up to feet in your face, punches in your gut, hands tangled in your hair while long, piercing squeals act as an alarm clock, to which there is no snooze button. Those mornings come more often then the quiet, dreamy ones, but I’ll take them both! After all, a good morning without Eisley isn’t a good morning at all.




I’ve tried to be better at taking monthly pictures of Eisley, since I was wretched at it while she was growing in my belly! Here is my small collection of “monthies.” Enjoy!
The pictures start when she was one day old and then from there it’s obvious.








My Little Wild Thing


This is my Eisley. (Pronounced Eyes-Lee) Eisley Winter Hahn in full. She was born a whopping 9lbs 4oz 21in. She’s Impressively been in the 100th percentile since then. As grateful as I am to have such a “sturdy” baby, my arms did not anticipate the mass weight they were to carry upon her arrival. Aside from her incredibly lovable rolls and perfect little nose, the most common compliment she receives is how striking and beautiful her brilliant blue eyes are! (how’s that alliteration for you?)

Eisley was born on June 12th and 3:26 AM on a futon. The first person to hold her (aside from the midwife that caught her) was her Daddy. Eisley is her daddy through and through, although if you see her pout that’s all mama! In her first 5 months of life she has been on 4 planes, a firetruck, a road trip, she’s been to sea world, a house of blues concert, bonfires, swimming.. etc! I can tell she is going to be an adrenaline junkie like her daddy! At 5 1/2 months she started to crawl and now as she has just reach 6 months she is getting into EVERYTHING. She screeches DADADADA all day long. Which, as you can imagine, is very disappointing to me. She wants absolutely everything in her mouth! Her favorite toys are my iPhone, any and all kinds of paper, and her package of wipes. She also loves to pull her doggy Scout’s tail!



I know that new-mommy blogs are becoming obnoxiously cliche amongst the web self-publishing world, so here is another one to mix it up! As much as I’ve tried to resist, the keyboard beckons me to tell the world my tales of becoming a mother and how my precious little Junebug fills my day-to-day with wonder and anxiety that I can learn from.
My little girl, Eisley Winter was born at home on June 12, 2013. Ever since that early 3am morning, when first I laid eyes on her, my world was turned upside down (for the better of course.) Now at 6 months, she constantly keeps me on my toes trying to keep her out of the dog food or trying to catch her when she climbs up onto the couch. While wanting her to become more independent, I relish in those moments when nothing can sooth her except a kiss and some cuddles from her mama!
I blink and I’ve lost a few precious moments. I’ve missed a priceless expression.. It’s all too fast. I want to write this blog to celebrate all the little things, document the smiles and trials, help others if I can and most of all just to let everyone know how utterly and completely in love I am with my child and with the one who gave her to me. Thank you Jesus!
I hope you all enjoy this blog and stop by often to see all the crazy, wonder-filled tales of my little wild thing.. xoxo- Sarah