I had to post one of the weirdest things I have encountered upon my first week in Washington.

Eisley and I dropped by the church offices after a bible study to find Jojo in his office on his phone. If you know Jojo, this is a phenomenon. I don’t even know what to think about it.


This is the last photo taken of Eisley in San Diego. I thought I would feel more sad as we flew away from her birth place, but I didn’t. I miss it now, but I don’t feel sad. This new place is perfect for us in this season. It is exhilarating to start new, see potential for growth and to follow whatever path God wants to lead us down. Eisley is happy as ever and loving her new bedroom which is fully equipped with her plethora of Christmas loot. That little girl sure is loved. It was hard to be away from Jojo for a week. She asked for him a lot. She asked for Scout too haha! But, it was nice to have a quick flight over here and to spend some time with friends before we left. I may have even stopped by my beloved Pannikin one last time, much to Jojo’s dismay. Soon I will do a post with photos of our new place. Xo

One of the many perks of staying with the Holts is the endless entertainment for Eisley. There is practically a petting zoo just outside which is perfect for my animal-loving wild child. It’s hard to keep her away from the animals that don’t necessarily seem to like her, such as Callie the cat. It’s fun to see her interact with the animals she’s learned to sign since her “months old” days. She has been signing cat and chicken nonstop.





I’m a firm believer that kids should be messy and wild or they aren’t having enough fun. It’s easy to be messy and wild if they get to go explore outdoors. Don’t misunderstand me, I too have fallen into the easy cycle of sticking E in front of a screen while I binge Insta or pinterest. This new year I have made a promise to stop looking online so much and start interacting with my child. It’s stupid that I complain how fast and fleeting her small years have been and yet I have willingly traded precious moments for dream houses and closets. This year we will go outside, discover new things and create memories as well as dreams and ideas.









It’s hard begin in a state of transition, especially when Jojo and I are apart. As I laid next to Eisley last night I felt grateful that she was with me. Grateful that I had a little piece of Jojo to keep me warm at night. We went on a walk today. The good part of this limbo-period is that I have been able to have a lot more quality time with her. We’ve been lacking in that lately. Everything has been shifted and scheduled for the move that we haven’t sat down and played. Today we did everything together. She jumped on a trampoline for the first time too! It was hilarious and it makes me feel good as a mom to have her so happy while we are in this season.
Plus, after seeing these pics I took im thinking she needs an agent 😉 Enjoy!











Today was one of those hard days. You know where you drink too much champagne and you still can’t get out of saying more goodbyes? I don’t really like goodbyes. They feel so final. Although with a lot of goodbyes you know that won’t actually be the end, others are of a more permanent nature. You get that melancholy feeling that you should have spent more nights together and made more lasting memories. And you never truly know how much they’ve meant to you until seeing their face around town is no longer an option. Today we said goodbye to many friends. We said our last “cheers” and ate together for what we will know the last in a long time. I even had a long phone conversation with my best friend since freshmen year, someone I never intend to say goodbye to, but find that time and space say the goodbyes for us. My daughter saw her friend Callie tonight and it reminded me of beginnings and hellos. Those are hopeful and fun and always welcome. I can’t wait for more hellos with this coming year.






This morning I was warm and wrapped in my husbands arms. He woke me with some eskimo kisses on my nose. It was one of those brilliant mornings where the sky is pale grey and our room was chilled, all except us. Behind me I heard tiny, slapping footsteps follow by a jovial exclamation of multiple “YAY’s!” Eisley usually wakes us up and it is USUALLY an extremely pleasant and endearing experience. When I turned to see her covered in a reddish, brown substance my eyes narrowed in on the open bathroom door behind her. Now, I know what you are thinking and it isn’t quite as terrible as you think. Yes, the bathroom door is always suppose to be shut, especially right now when we are moving and all of our toiletries are in a cardboard box completely at her level of reach. Considering this is MY daughter I knew she was covered in none other than the entire contents of my makeup bag. My mom has a picture of my when I was little looking like a clown after I got into her lipstick. She says I looked too cute to be mad at so she took a picture instead. That really wasn’t the case with Eisley. She pretty much just look disgusting. The cutest part about the ordeal was the tiny brown handprint I found on the toilet seat, which was too, makeup (THANK GOD.) I recently cleaned out my professional makeup kit and replaced some of my cheap makeup with the expensive, nice stuff, so that was a low blow to me. Nonetheless it was a good morning. Elsie’s mood stayed on the up and up despite making her wait until 11 to eat breakfast. We decided today would be our last “eating out” day in San Diego, so naturally we went to our favorite spot, Swami’s. It’s a local favorite and the North Park location is to die for. It was sad knowing we wouldn’t be dining there any time in the near future.





The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,700 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 28 trips to carry that many people.

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Everyone stops to ogle at Eisley’s eyes. I can’t blame them.

Yes those are crusty boogers, You can’t help those when at a beach. We walked down to the cove after brunch this morning with some good friends. Eisley has been in such a wonderful and hilarious mood. Today is the best day.



She’s learning words and doing things like tasks and trying to sing. It’s mind blowing and saddening at the same time. Too big too fast and the sweetest things are kept in my heart for such a short amount of time. It’s like I try to cram every little crooked smile and funky dance move into my memory but there isn’t enough room. This blog is good for that, it helps keep some of the storage organized. She walked up to me with my hat on one afternoon and said, “Cheeeessee!” I can’t forget that.